Lab Values

The principals and practices that guide how we work together

Lab values

community | safer space | curiosity & self-fulfillment

Our lab considers community to be of utmost importance in the pursuit of science. This value is reflected in our dedication to intentionally creating inclusive learning environments in the classroom and in research spaces, fostering a sense of belonging within scientific and research spaces, and recognizing the power of community support in our personal lives (family, friends, or other support networks). We believe that nurturing healthy communities creates better scientists and promotes better scholarship.

We work towards making the lab a safer space for team members. Lab members should not feel that they need to hide an important part of identity, belief, and/or culture. The lab strives to create a professional work environment that makes space for lab members to bring their full selves to their scholarship.

Our lab is dedicated to curiosity & self-fulfillment. We value active intellectual engagement, both in our academic pursuits and in our understanding of how to support and uplift each other. We encourage one another to reflect on our goals and to strive for excellence in pursuit of those goals. It is the lab’s job to support these pursuits, not to determine the goal.

These values are aspirational, and enacting these values in our day to day interactions requires consistent work and communication. We encourage humbleness, honesty, and compassion as we work towards the ideals described above.

Lab documents

These templates will be revised by the lab group in the Fall 2024 quarter, and subsequently annually.