The people behind the science

Carrie M. Tribble, PhD
Carrie M. Tribble, PhD | Assistant Professor and Curator

Enjoys long walks through parameter space, deep dives into historic herbarium specimens, and early mornings in cloud forest ecosystems. Download my CV.

Emily Humphreys
Emily Humphreys | PhD Student

Excited about evolutionary ecology endeavors, specimen-driven science, purposeful pedagogical practice, and sharing scientific stories through scicomm.

Chiara Smythies
Chiara Smythies | Research Technician

Loves basking in the rays of evolutionary radiation, nestling in the cryptic intertwinings of coevolution, and being blown away by showy blooms.

Peter Ricci
Peter Ricci | Post-Bacc Researcher

Entranced by the sheer psychedelic strangeness of living systems. Often found reading about evolution, development, and philosophy of biology, or found staring at lichens and plants.